WEFI Token Airdrop

Earn $5* worth of WEFI Tokens for Every Follow, Subscribe, and Join Up to $25* worth of Tokens.

Every person will receive 1000 $WEFI tokens for each action performed. Join our community and participate in the prelaunch of the most anticipated token launch of the year.

Airdrop Form

Enter your usernames used to join each platform.  You will receive $5* in WEFI tokens for every follow, subscribe, or join up to $25* in WEFI tokens.  Leave the fields blank on accounts you didn’t join.  We verify all entries prior to airdropping your tokens.

Your vWEFI tokens will be airdropped within 72 hours. They unlock 30 days from the first day listed on the DEX and released daily over a period of 30 days. 

You are invited to participate with WEFI’s highly anticipated Pre Launch.

WEFI is a cutting edge utility token which is used for:

Our tokenomics incentivizes users by using strategic growth strategies and building Projects that give additional income streams to holders. 

WEFI adds a 10% transaction fee on all sell trades.

  • 7% is distributed to holders as rewards for holding the token
  • 1.5% is added to liquidity to stabilize the token price.
  • 1% is used to buy tokens and burn them, limiting the supply.
  • 0.5% is used for marketing to grow the community.

Our Rewards Program will innovate how traditional staking is done.  Fifty percent of all tokens are allocated to reward token holders.  The tokens fund WEFI Lending’s pool and 100% of interest payments received are paid as rewards to members through our Rewards Program.

There are

  • No Restrictions
  • No Lockup Periods
  • No Penalties

Our main goal is maintaining long term sustainable growth.  We do this by implementing our growth strategies that we like to call WEvesting.  

To help limit volatility, we periodically add liquidity at higher prices during upswings in the token’s price.  This helps limit large fluctuations and raises the token’s floor price. During the downswings, we buy back tokens and burn them. This raises the token’s price and lessens the supply making the token deflationary.

It’s time you join our loyal community and learn why WEFI will be the token to own in 2023!

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Any and all information provided on wefitoken.com should not be taken as financial advice.

The price of WEFI Tokens are unpredictable, therefore, you should never expect a return.

WEFI is a utility token offering rewards for as long as you hold the tokens. Further, rewards are given for long-term holders.

WEFI has chosen to be fully transparent and renounced ownership of the token. This means there are no owner-only functions and the code cannot be modified.

Actual physical tokens are not provided. No one is given anything except the distribution of numbers that changes based on who wants to run the code. Everything is handled by code that cannot be altered. What you see is what you get. There are no guarantees.

Please don’t expect profit others’ work. People compensate the Binance network to execute code. These are just a bunch of executed numbers that are accessible via the internet.

Cryptocurrency, blockchains, and smart contracts are high-risk investments. DO NOT expect to earn a profit and be prepared to lose money.

DO NOT expect to benefit or profit from the work of others.

You will get reflections on every sell transaction executed by a smart contract. This will never change and is automatic on every sell transaction that is made on Pancake Swap, a decentralized exchange.

WEFI is not categorized as an investment enterprise. WEFI is not a security because there is no investment contract and we offer utilities to our holders.

Royalty Rewards are distributed to token holders automatically to people who register their tokens. These are based on royalty financing contracts made with WEFI Lending.

NO investments of money are exchanged for equity.

As with any investment, talk to licensed professionals and do your own due diligence to make more informed educated decisions.

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